Tri-Cities home sales: How many, how much

Ever wonder about the price mix of local homes?

Here’s a quick look at the number of Tri-Cities home sales grouped by sales price between March 2013 and March 2012.

Under $200,000 – 3,409

$200,000-$399,999 – 884


$600,000-$799,999 -25

$800-000 – $1 million and up  – 16



  1. Unfortunately this figure is probably taken MLS or realtor data. It does not include custom home construction. This is one of the problems with appraisals in our area. They only use available comps from MLS. Currently custom home construction is significantly undervalued which is causing difficulty in getting financing.

    Because this data is missing most upper end housing is undisclosed. This causes political leadership to make bad policy choices like ethe recent high end housing subsidy in Kingsport

    • says:

      You’re correct in that the data is MLS based. It’s the best data I can get in a current time frame. I should have specified that it was existing home sales. But I now have data of new home sales that I’ll post on later today.

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