Tri-Cities sees another increase in “high end” homes; Sullivan Co. leads the pack

File this as a footnote to the Tri-Cities annual building permit story.

We covered the part about the number of new homes that are bigger than the new bigger national average HERE.

But there’s another version of big.

The Market Edge calls them “High End” homes.

In this case high end means over 4,000 square feet or with a permit value of over $400,000.

Remember that just the permit value. Add another 25% and you’ll be in the ball park for the market value, and that just if the land the home sits on is in the average range.

Last year there were 18 of this class homes permitted in Sullivan County. The year before it was 16.

Sixteen is the number for Washington Co. TN for both 2012 and 2013.

Washington Co. VA was also back in the hunt in 2013 with 15 high enders. That’s a big improvement from the four in 2012.

The was also one in Greene County and One in Carter County.

That totals out to 51 high end homes in the Tri-Cities last year, an increase of nine from 2012.

While that’s good news, this go around the Tri didn’t keep pace with the Knoxville region. There were 189 of the big boys permitted in that nine-county region last year compared to 166 the year before.

Chattanooga come in third place in East Tennessee with 43 high end homes in 2013, up 10 from that five-county region’s total.


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