Median Kingsport-Bristol family income takes $38 a week hit in recovery; part-time workers increase

NOTE: An earlier version of this report erroneously reported the monthly increase for full-time male and female workers salaries as a weekly increase. 


Here’s another quick look at how Kingsport-Bristol is recovering from the Great Recession.

The recently released 2012 American Community Profile shows the median family income in the four-county MSA took a $38 a week hit from the 2008 median. The comparison uses inflation adjusted dollars.

A look at how individual workers fared is a little better picture.

The median income for a male full-time worker was $40,633 – $36 a week more than it was in 2008.

For a female worker it was $31,005 – up $30 a week from 2008.

When the male-female wage is looked as percentage change women saw a 5.3% gain and men saw a 4.9% improvement.

The number of hours per week worked is decreasing. But it’s not as dramatic as some might think. The median work week last year was 38.2 hours. In 2008 it was 39 hours a week.

Last year 53.9% of local workers usually put in 35 hours a week or more. In 2008 it was 59.9%.

The number of workers who usually worked 15 to 34 hours per week was 12.9% last year, up from 11.6% in 2008. Another way to look at it is 25.130 workers were in the 15 to 34 hours category last year, up from 22,626 workers in 2008.

Those working 1-14 hours per week last year was 3.2%. In 2008 it was 2.6%.

In 2012, 56.5% of the local population who were 16 years-old and older was in the labor force. In 2008 the number was 58.4%.

The national labor force participation rate was 63.8% in 2012, down from 65.8% in 2008.

Some of the difference between the local and national population-labor force participation is the local age difference. We’re older than the national average.

The next topic in this 2012 – 2008 comparison will look at which labor sectors gained jobs and which lost.

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