Johnson City sees August job gains; MSA still lags annual, pre-recession totals

August was a good month for job gains in the three counties of the Johnson City MSA.

Private sector employers added 100 jobs and the total number of non-farm jobs was up.

Local government was the biggest driver of the month-over-month increase.

The only sectors cutting jobs were mining, logging and construction and other services.

However, August’s month-over-month gains don’t wipe out the year-to-date and comparison to a pre-recession benchmark losses.

So far this year private sector employers have added 1,100 jobs, but cuts of state and local government jobs wiped out almost all of the private sector gains.

So far this year sectors that have added jobs include:

Business and professional services.

Leisure and hospitality.

Mining, logging and construction.

The wholesale and retail trade sectors and the other services are unchanged on the year-to-date metric. The other sectors are in negative territory.

When August’s job sector totals are compared to August 2008, total non-farm jobs are down by 2,900 and private sector jobs are down by 3,400.

Four of the 12 job sectors show gains over the pre-recession totals. They are:

Business and profession services.

Education and health services.


Leisure and hospitality.

Retail trade jobs are unchanged from the pre-recession benchmark.

All other sectors show job losses.

A comparison of the August private sector average weekly wage compared to the August 2008 averaged adjusted for inflation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator show private sector works needed and additional $51 a week to have the same buying power they did in August 2008.

CLICK HERE for that report.

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