Kingsport’s August jobless rate drops to 7.8%, but fewer people have jobs

August’s employment survey for August shows the same basic pattern as the other major cities in the Tri-Cities. The total number of people with a job, without a job and in the labor force was fewer than in July’s report. The model city’s August … [Read more...]

Johnson City unemployment unchanged at 7.8%, but fewer number of people working

Johnson City’s unemployment rate was unchanged from July’s 7.8% in August, but fewer residents reported they were working. Bureau of Labor Statistics data also show last month’s labor force was down. So was the number of people without a … [Read more...]

Bristol jobless rate drops to 7.4%, but fewer people find work in August

Fewer people in Bristol, TN found work in August, and fewer were listed as unemployed. That combined with a drop in the labor force caused the city’s unemployment rate to drop to 7.4%. According to the current state Department of Labor and … [Read more...]

Most Johnson City MSA labor sectors show year-over-year job losses in August

Red is not a good color when you're looking at a labor market heat chart. But that's what you see in MTSU's latest chart for the Johnson City MSA market. Of the 12 major labor sectors eight are in negative territory for the August 2013 - August … [Read more...]