Job losses continue at slower pace in Johnson City MSA during July

The good news about Johnson City’s July labor market report is half of the industry sectors were flat when compared to June. Only one sector – retail trade – saw job gains. Five reported losses.

The bottom line: one hundred jobs were added and 600 jobs were cut. Reporting job losses were:

–         Business and professional services – 100.

–         Education and health services – 200.

–         Financial activities – 100.

–         Government – 100.

–         Leisure and hospitalities – 100.

The year-to-date count is 1,200 fewer jobs.

Job gains in the business and professional services; leisure and hospitality; mining, logging and construction; other services were not enough to overcome losses in the other sectors.

The big loser was government – the MSAs largest provider of jobs. Since the first of the year it has lost 2,200 jobs – most of them in the local government subsector.

Growth so far this year has been strongest in the leisure and hospitality sector followed by mining, logging and construction.

The good news to an otherwise dreary report is the addition of construction jobs, which pay better than the leisure and hospitality jobs. The pace of government job cuts also slowed.

These numbers are from the July Bureau of Labor Statistics survey of businesses. A separate survey of households to calculate the monthly unemployment rate shows it dropped from 8.4% in June to 8% in July. The difference comes because the household survey is focused on the number of people who have jobs and those who are looking – not where the job is located. For example, a Johnson City resident who commutes to a job in Bristol is counted in Johnson City’s employment total.

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