Job heat charts show some Johnson City MSA, Kingsport-Bristol labor sectors struggling

The Tri-Cities labor market losing the struggle to hold its own against last year’s numbers.

Middle Tennessee State University’s Business and Research Center came out with its July jobs heat charts this week for the Kingsport-Bristol and Johnson City MSA. The charts compare the percentage growth of each market’s 12 labor sectors to the same month of the previous year.

The three-county Johnson City has been hit the hardest.

Total non-farm jobs are 5% below July last year.

Half of the 12 industry sectors covered by the report have fewer jobs than last year and two are flat.

Government, transportation and utilities and information took the biggest hits. .

Leisure and hospitality saw 7.2% growth from July last year. That’s good and bad news. The good is any job growth in a soft labor market is welcomed. The not-so-good is many of the jobs in that sector are part-time, without benefits and with low pay.

The silver lining to Johnson City’s July jobs heat cart is the mining, logging and construction sector. It saw 7.4% growth from last year and although some of the jobs are short-term they offer better pay.

Kingsport-Bristol’s year-over-year job picture is a little better.

Non-farm jobs are up by 9 percent.

Only three industry sectors lost jobs and only one is flat.

The biggest losses came in government, information and financial activities.

The growth industries were the same as they were in the Johnson City MSA: Leisure and hospitality and mining, logging and construction. Most of the increases in that sector are construction jobs.

The charts can be found by clicking on these links:


Johnson City

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Kingsport-Bristol lost 900 jobs in July

Employment improves in Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol during July






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