June is another down month for Tri-Cities jobs when compared to last year; where the cuts came

MTSU has posted the June 2013 v. 2012 jobs heat chart comparisons and the picture isn’t especially pretty in the Tri-Cities.

The three-county Johnson City MSA has fared worst in the year-over-year job market comparison. It has lost jobs in seven sectors. Total nonfarm job losses total 700 when compared to June last year.

Kingsport-Bristol job gains can’t offset Johnson City losses

The four-county Kingsport-Bristol MSA has done a little better. It shows losses in four sectors. The number of nonfarm jobs has also increased by 400 workers. That’s good news for the Kingsport-Bristol economy, but not enough to offset the job losses in Johnson City.

Media boss slash work forces statewide

The job sector that has been slammed hardest in both MSA is information. Media bosses have slashed their labor forces by almost half when compared to pre-recession levels. While the percentage is the highest on the loss board the total number of workers isn’t. Information is the smallest of the jobs sectors. Media jobs statewide are in the same losing position – just not as dramatic as in the Tri-Cities. Statewide the information sector is down 4.3% when compared to last year. That’s the biggest red number for all job sectors statewide.

The Tri-Cities bright spot is the Mining, Logging and Construction sector has added jobs in both MSAs.

Leisure and Hospitality and Other Service have also added Johnson City Jobs. That’s a good news – bad news situation. More jobs is good, but both of those sectors are dominated by low-paying and part-time jobs.

Johnson City’s biggest job losses

The biggest losses in the Johnson City MSA came in these sectors:

Information, down 13.3%.

Transportation and Utilities, down 10%.

Government, down 5.65%. (Government is the MSA largest jobs provider).

Wholesale Trade, down 4.8%.

Financial activities, down 2.7%.

Education and Health Services, down 2.2%.

Where Kingsport-Bristol jobs have been cut

Here’s a snapshot of the Kingsport-Bristol situation when compared to June last year:

Information, down 13.3%.

Wholesale Trade, down 4.2%.

Retail Trade, down 1.3%.

Manufacturing, down 0.3%.

The manufacturing job losses are a big hit because it’s the MSA’s largest job provider, and most of those are the higher-paying jobs.

The biggest jobs growth (up 7%) is in the Other Services sector.

MTSU’s jobs heat carts for all 12 job sectors can be found by clicking on the following links.


Johnson City






  1. “Jobs heat chart”??? Too hot to handle, or just that ol’ Autocorrect?? What’s it supposed to read, Don? Tnx –Carl

    • kingsporttoday says:

      It’s called Jobs Growth Heat Charts – which is an overlay for employment growth by industry.
      Here’s a link to the MTSU page http://capone.mtsu.edu/berc/database.html

      • kingsporttoday says:

        Expansion of clarification: A heat map is a two-dimensional representation of data in which values are represented by colors. A simple heat map provides an immediate visual summary of information. More elaborate heat maps allow the viewer to understand complex data sets.

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