May preliminary employment report positive – ETSU economist questions accuracy of local Q1 unemployment data

May’s local unemployment numbers are out and the overall preliminary picture is good even though unemployment rates are up and the number of people reporting they have jobs is down. But you might want to look at the most often quoted labor market metric through more critical lenses. ETSU Economist Steb Hipple is questioning the […]


Kingsport-Bristol private sector workers getting more hours than Johnson City workers

Kingsport-Bristol MSA private sector workers put in more time a work in May than any other May since 2010 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although the average number of hours worked by their counterparts in the Johnson City MSA was almost the same weekly total May 2015 was the next to last when […]


Johnson City private sector workers avg. wage up in May

May’s labor force data delivered the first bit of good news about Johnson City MSA private sector wages in three years. The average weekly wage took a big increase over April’s average and was better than it was May last year. Granted, it’s good news only because the loss of buying power is less dramatic […]

Tri-Cities labor market trend remains positive despite fewer nonfarm jobs in May

By DON FENLEY Three straight months of Tri-Cities month-over-month nonfarm job growth ended in May. But if you look past the ups and downs of the monthly “data noisy” metric the jobs growth trend remains positive. Non-adjusted, preliminary numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s payroll study shows 400 fewer jobs in the Johnson City […]


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