Aug Tri-Cities jobs v. employment

Kingsport-Bristol Aug. avg. wage increases, Johnson City MSA flat

The average private sector wage for Kingsport-Bristol workers increased in August when compared to August last year while there was a no change for … [Read More...]

Aug Tri-Cities jobs v. employment

August reports show continued Tri-Cities labor market improvements

Tri-Cities labor market is pushing through the seasonal soft spot and continued trending higher in August. Preliminary, non-adjusted nonfarm job … [Read More...]

Tri-Cities still adding jobs, not much change in job sector patterns

The Tri-Cities continued adding nonfarm jobs during August, but there wasn’t a lot of change in jobs sector patterns. Tracking employment growth by … [Read More...]

Heat charts show July Tri-Cities job growth and a worrisome pattern

There’s no question that the Tri-Cities’ labor market is improving. But there also no question that the growth is a little on the anemic side. The … [Read More...]

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